Milliardo | Zechs Cosplay Pictures from Cosplayers Gallery
Hey you all! Milliardo | Zechs cosplayers have been spoted/seen at some conventions. If you have any Milliardo | Zechs cosplay pictures feel free to email me!

Fans that have meet Brian Drummond(voice for Zechs)!

Shason "Tut" LaBorde dress up as Zechs! She also sells prints of her fan art of the GW cast that is signed by the VA for more info go here!
(Note: Shason is with Brain Drummond the english voice actor of Zech! I met her at Ohyaocon 04', but I can't seem to find my picture that I took of her. Once I do I'll post it here.)

Random Zechs Cosplayers

(Note: If anyone of these images below belong to you or know which con these where taken please let me know!)





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