Milliardo | Zechs Cosplay Pictures from Conventions Gallery
Hey you all! Milliardo | Zechs cosplayers have been spoted/seen at some conventions. If you have any Milliardo | Zechs cosplay pictures feel free to email me!

So far I have pictures from years 2001 - 2005 posted below (2006 - to present will be coming soon!)

Anime Boston 2005
(pictures came from

Canadian National Expo 2003
(pictures came from

Katsucon 2003
(pictures came from

SakuraCon 2003

(pictures came from

Anime Central 2003

(pictures came from

Anime Expro 2002
(pictures came from

(Pictures came from

Fanime 2002
(pictures came from

Sugoi-con 2001
(pictures came from

My friend ddrninja took a picture of me with this zechs coplayers! (Note: This was my second convention that I've went to^^!)





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