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Zechs Merquise/Milliardo Peacecraft Quotes

"A hired front line solder mustn’t rush to battle." (To Otto)

"...and now, I cannot be your friend any more. " (To Treize)
"And now the victory's mine!" (To himself)

"Anything Relena sets her mind to do is bound to be reckless. That's why it must be done by someone who should have been dead. Noin, are you certain you want to come with me?" (To Noin)
"Be on your guard. Our enemy is closed by." (To his soldiers)
"Consider ourselves fortunate because we made it out alive after an encounter with a Gundam" (To his soldiers)
"Counting on dying, are you?" (To Walker)
"Earth and space. The two exist together to form a pattern of confrontation. My name is Milliardo Peacecraft, and we will eliminate the earth, the force that conflicts with space." (To Heero)
"Earth is the source of war, that is why I must destroy it" (To Earth)
"Farewell, Tallgeese." (To Tallgeese)

"FOOLS!!!!!" (To Alex)

"For some reason I believe that Treize would have wanted me to pilot the Epyon." (To himself)
"For these soldiers out to save their colonies, this battle is just a nuisance. I am just one passage in their long history." (To Noin about the Gundam Pilots)
"Forgive me, names are worthless to people like us." (To Heero)
"Forgive me, Relena, I will live as Zechs Merquise. It will be better this way for Cinq Kingdom." (To Relena)
"Gundams are on Earth" (To Treize)
"He blew away two Aries with just one shot! Not too shabby." (To himself)
"Hell of a time for tasteless tactics."
"I challenge death everyday!" (To himself)
"I don't have the right to have something to save. But, in their opinions, to think like this is too soft. A soldier with something to value is not needed in war. If I can't achieve that state of mind, I'll just be killed by Gundam. This is war. There's something to learn even if you lose your life" (To Noin)
"I don't like such a name. Fame makes you a visible target for enemies. It also makes your colleagues expect too much from you." (To Noin)
"I hereby declare the elimination of this opposing body, Earth." (To Earth)

"I hope I'm not too late!" (To himself)
"I see. It looks like they've overrated my abilities." (To himself)

"I told you, I am a true soldier" (To his soldiers)
"I was, but I couldn't rest in peace inside my coffin as long as Treize's spirit is still haunting this place." (To Dekim)

"I won't let you down father." (To his Father)

"I would like to have a code name, too. Let's say, Firefighter Wind?" (To Lady Une)

"I'm gonna settle this, Heero!" (To Heero)

"I'm much more composed than you are right now. If one makes a decision with a cool head, he won't find himself regretting that decision later on." (To Oz officer in Lake Victoria Base)
"I'm sorry fella, but I've got nothin' to say to you, so leave me alone." (To Treize)
"Is that Noin?" (To Noin)

"It was the strong Earth who created the weak colonies and almost drove them to destruction!" (To Heero)

"It'll be a good fight even without a prayer."
"It's capable of defeating any enemy, but it has a flaw: its pilot is a human being."
(To himself about Tallgeese)
"It’s not bad, as long as we can see it" (To his soldiers about Shenlong)

"I've mastered countless Mobile Suits, so why?! WHAT AM I AFRAID OF?!!!!!" (To himself)
"Just watch me. I'll live right to the bitter end!" (To himself)

"My hands are stained with blood..." (To himself)

"Never thought you would sneak into OZ..." (To Trowa and Heero)

"Noin…" (To Noin)
"Noin. Are you alright?" (To Noin)
"Noin get out of the way!" (To Noin)
"Noin... I'm just glad that you're alive." (To Noin)
"Noin, it's you ..." (To Noin)
"Noin, move!" (To Noin)
"Noin, you don't have to stay here with me." (To Noin)
"Oh.... yes... Milliardo. You can't touch this girl... I've thrown away being a Peacecraft.... Taken a weapon into my hands... and chosen the blood-stained path of revenge." (To himself about Relena)
"Our enemies have come up with an impressive beast, but now that we have it in our grasp, we can become fierce beasts ourselves." (To himself and his soldiers)

"Rest in peace, my admirable friend." (To Tallgeese)

"She will be the one to restore your ideal kingdom, Father...and I will fight for her sake. So, please forgive this hopeless son of yours." (To dead Father about Relena)
"Some lessons can only be learned by risking one's life." (To Noin)
"Somehow I'm sure that Treize would have wanted me to pilot the Epyon." (To himself)
"Sorry for the trouble. Noin, how are you doing?" (To Noin)
"Space calls out to humans. And the earth tries to pull us back down, saying that we what we are doing is wrong..." (To himself)
"Space...it's so quiet." (To himself)

"Tell her to reflect on the mistake of teaching only the techniques of warfare." (To himself about Relena)

"Thank you, Tallgeese. I would not have made it this far without you." (To Tallgeese)
"The Earth's World Nation is claiming that unity will achieve peace. I never dreamed I'd hear such rubbish from Treize. I'm sure none of you have forgotten about an organization that existed on earth called the Allied Forces of the United Earth's Sphere Alliance. Now did that ridiculous organization eliminate wars and make world peace a reality? Of course it didn't. Under the guise of peace & justice the Alliance came to the colonies with it's overwhelming military force. If we truly want to eradicate wars it simply cannot be done by unifying nations. It's a problem that requires an end to earthlings because we all know earthlings have fought since ancient times; when our ancestors first stood upright. Battles between human races eventually became battles between countries and over thousands of years since the dawn of time, we have continued to write our blood stained history. There's no reason for this other than the simple fact fighting is part of human nature. I'm sure you noticed by now the citizens of the colonies are a new breed of humans with the ability to gain true peace by controlling their instincts to battle. The colony citizens have lived their lives in space, where earthlings are not welcome and the people of space know through experience just how meaningless these tragic battles are. Understand that the colony citizens are preoccupied with just living in outer space and they don't have the ability to fight, then why did we stand up on their behalf? Because the old breed of mankind who loves to battle remains on their comfortable earth and tries to conquer the defenceless colonies. It has been 200 years now since our people started living in space, isn't it about time we put an end to this history filled with disputes? To accomplish this we need to eliminate the hotbed of all these battles... the place we call earth. Of course we don't intend to hurt people needlessly ... this in mind I once again announce to Treize Khushrenada, Sovereign of the World Nation that we demand the earth be eliminated from the universe. If you cannot abide by this demand we'll have no choice but to start a war to end all wars." (Last Announcement to White Fang and the Earth)
"The space colonies had hoped to establish it's rights to self govern in peace, but the earth has ruled over us with it's military power. This was true for us in the times of the Alliance and Oz, and it's true now that the world has formed the World Nation. The earth has been using the gundams as their pawns, we had hoped to unify the people of outer space and the earth attacked us with a gundam. They're supporting the Oz Space Force... The Oz Space Force will soon be annihilated. As I speak a large scale fleet is headed out to attack and destroy them. Outer space belongs to us colony citizens. When the space colonies become one the only enemy of ours will be the earth. We have righteous cause and we have a new leader who will help us realize our cause. Earth and space... the two exist together and form a pattern of confrontation. My name is Milliardo Peacecraft. I declare that we will eliminate the earth, the force that conflicts with space." (Declaration of War to World Nation)
"Then what is the meaning of this battle, isn't is all pointless?!"
(To Heero)
"There’s a jinx that says once you see a Gundam, you won’t come out alive. I just hope that jinx doesn’t come true." (To himself)
"There’s no bright future for soldiers scarring for their reward." (To himself)
"They're here just as I thought. It seems a man who can't get used to peace can still make himself useful." (To himself)

"This friendship of the past can only last until the day my mask breaks." (To himself)
"This is going to take some getting used too!" (To himself about Tallgeese)

"This is Preventer Wind." (To Lady Une)
"Treize, I can't be your friend!" (To Treize)
"War is a dirty thing. To make that understood, I think that meaning is in everyone's action of their thoughts." (To himself)
"War is truly heartless indeed." (To himself)
"We won't last much longer." (To Noin)
"Why didn't you kill me?" (To Heero)
"Why? Why is my heart so weak?" (To himself about not killing Noin)
"You are famous for your excellence in educating and training space pilots. Your graduates are always regarded as the best." (To Noin)
"You can fight, well can't you!" (To Lady Une)

"You guys can fight... well can't you?" (To Lady Une)

"You look well, Noin." (To Noin)
"You sound quite alright to me." (To Noin)
"Zechs Marquise is dead." (To Dekim and Howard)


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