Fan Fictions!

Below are a few fics of Zechs or with Zechs in them^.^ If you like to have your fics posted here feel free to contact me with your fiction^.^

Currently right now I'm looking for more fan fictions for Zechs or fictions with Zechs in them. So please feel free to send me some!

MILIARDO by Ayame Miyamoto

In the night after the attack on Sank, Zechs finds himself in an unfamiliar place with strangers and with a name that is not his own.

Of Saints and Soldiers: Eldest Child by A. Ruth Howe
Couples: ZMxLU Section: Drama Rate:R
Book II: The past has finally caught up with the Eldest Child. Now she must come to terms with herself and a past that brought her from child, to fugitive soldier, to the creation of Lady Une.

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