Welcome to the Fan Art Gallery for Zechs | Milliardo!
If you like to see your fan art posted here feel free to contact me with "Zechs Fan Art Submit!" and I'll add it in the ne update! Yaoi art is welcome! Anything with Zechs in the image^^!

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Lilly's Fan Art of Zechs!
(Note: This is a very old fan art of Zechs that I did 4 years ago)

Artwork drawn by Alex of "No need for Bushido"

Artwork drawn by ddrninja!

Artwork by mad sniper of "Doom n Stuff"

Artwork by Kattalina

Artwork by Wa^^ of Star Prince website
Wa is also an affiliate with this site!

While I was at Ohayocon 2004 I bought this image!
(Image pic came from "Tut's site", I need to scan in my copy for a bigger file size)
Drawn by Shason "Tut" LaBorde
*Also its signed by Brian Drummond! For more prints of other GW cast please check out her site: http://www.tutstoys.us/!

8 Random Zechs | Milliardo fan art that I've found by searching!
If anyone of these pieces belong to you please contact me so I can give you full credit!

A fan art by ~MaisalTurianel
Also a member of Milliardo | Zechs DA Fan Club!

A fan art from Anastasia

A fan art of Zechs from marlon teunissen

A couple fan art of Zechs from Erte

A fan art of Zechs profile from maetelle

2 awesome water color fan arts of Zechs from Manon

An Awesome Zech Plushie from Susan Hester Smit

A lovely Waterproof ink - Tria Pantone Markers Zechs from Noux aka Sophie Himene

These art saids it all! 2 lovely/sexy inked/drawing of Zechs from Gaby Maya

A lovely fan art of Chibi Zechs and Chibi Duo by Fernanda Chiella

To View some AWESOME ART FROM virus-AC74 (MAX MERQUISE)!!!
Please visit his deviantart account at:

Fan art from ~GuardianBinah
Also a member of Milliardo | Zechs DA Fan Club!

Fan art from Jeff Conner

A Nude Fan Art of Zechs from Juillet 2002

3 lovely fan art of Zech from http://www.ne.jp/asahi/mugen/dai/koyasu/voice-top.htm

A fan art of Zechs from Christopher Hazelton

Fan art from Kryspen

Fan art piece from m e d e a

A fan art piece from Gibo Reichi

~masked peacecraft~
i adopted a chibi zechs!
you can too, as long as you believe that heero is not toast!

Other Random gifs/icons!
If anyone of these pieces belong to you please contact me so I can give you full credit!



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