Pictures with the Voice Actors!
Here you can find pictures of me with the VAs!!!!!

Ohayocon 2004
Lilly with Scott McNeil (the voice behind DUO MAXWELL!!!

Lilly without my my! Scott is HOT and VERY NIECE TOO!
My friend OrasaNekuma told this picture of me and Scott after the cosplay contest on Saturday, Jan. 24, 2004! I tried to get his autograph before the cosplay since is the time was overlamping, but wasn't able too! I was so lucky after the cosplay to run into Scott! He took a little group of us outside the main Ballroom area to a hallway away from the Ballroom (where the cosplay was held at) and did some more signing and took pictures with us! I can remember his agent telling him that he's been at this for hours that they can get your autograph tomorrow! Scott said No, some of them have been waiting for 10 hours to be able to see me or some we in the cosplay and couldn't make it! *Now thats what you call a true Voice Actor that is devoted to his FANS!!!!!!!*

More coming soon!
(Hopely Brain Drummond next! ^.^ Keep your fingers cross!)



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