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Fanlisting created on May 13, 2003.

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Previous Layout made my my best friend buruma^.^

Congratulations on your successful marriage with
Zechs Merquise.

You have just been announced as Mrs Zechs Merquise.
>From now and forever, he is yours and yours alone. No
one can take him from you. You must love him with all
your heart, never leave him and be faithful to him.
Otherwise, you might break his poor, innocent, fragile

So, please accept his kiss, accept his love and accept not only him but also his heart. Many congratulations
to you. May you two live happily ever after.

Yours sincerely,
Snow Kaguya
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Below are some Test Results-

Which GW character r u most like?
Created by Saerah

Congrats!!! Ur Zechs Merquise A.K.A Milliardo Peacecraft!!! Ur HOT and u sure can kick butt!!!!

Copyrights & Credits:
I did not make this layout nor do I own Milliardo(but I'm marriage to him at less)all rights go to Miko Reznor for designing the layout and Sunrise, TV Asahi.

Disclaimer: This fanlisting was created on a fan basis. I do not own any copyright to Gundam Wing.

Miko's Notes:
About This Layout:
Featuring Zechs Merquise from Gundam Wing! Layout was tested on IE5.5, NS7 and Opera 7 -- It works fine. Image was edited from Anime Inn. Font used is called Due Date and you can download it at High Fonts. Brushes used are from Nocturna.NET.

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