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About Takezo Kensei

Below is a little information about both Takezo Kensei and Adam Monroe with a mini gallery of pictures of him ^_^!

 Name: Takezo Kensei
Name Meaning: "Kensei" means "Sword Saint" and "Takezo" is the birthname of the historical swordmaster Miyamoto Musashi — Kensei is based upon various legends of Japanese swordsmen, including Musashi.
Birthdate: Birth date unknown just an year 1584 ( Kensei would have been 87 years old in 1671 when Hiro travel back in time if he was born in 1584) - Source Image
Dialects: British Accent, a little Japanese
Birthplace: England
Family: Unknown
Currently Lively: Otsu, Japan
Ability: Rapid cellular regeneration

Takezo Kensei (Takezo Kensei), a swordsman who reportedly became a great Japanese leader when he obtained the sword. According to the legend, Kensei was a Japanese hero, well known for saving Japan from "White Beard" (Shirohige) in the 17th century. However, he proves to be an Englishman who came to Japan seeking to get rich.

Takezo Kensei's Mini Gallery
(Note: All images came from Images © , and a random google search.)

About Adam Monroe

 Name: Adam Monroe
Name Changed: At some point between 1671 and the founding of the Company, Takezo Kensei renames himself Adam Monroe.
Birthdate-Death: Birth date unknown just an year 1584 ( Kensei would have been 87 years old in 1671 when Hiro travel back in time if he was born in 1584), Over 400 years old, After discovering that Arthur is indeed still alive, yet paralyzed. By the touch of Petrelli's hand he then absorbs Adam's power of regeneration and heals himself while Adam appears to age centuries in mere seconds and crumbles to dust.
Dialects: British Accent, Japanese
Birthplace: England
Family: Unknown

Ability: Rapid cellular, regeneration

After changing his name to Adam Monroe he becomes a British mercenary during the American Revolutionary War. It was not out of loyalty to the British, but simply to "escape boredom." He appears to think of himself as a god. After encounting a man that single-handedly slaughtered a town named Evan. He learned that Evan was a human replicator and that he can clone himself over and over again. That would mean that Adam alone and can not possibly the number of Evan clones, and pushes Adam over a cliff into a river. It is at this point, defeated, Adam realized the need for followers. Adam then creates the Company about three hundred years after his first encounter with Hiro Nakamura.
When the Company began research into the Shanti virus, he attempted to release a highly virulent strain, claiming that something needs to be done about the endless cycle of destruction humanity seems to go through. Adam is locked away by Kaito Nakamura, never to be released again.

Adam Monroe's Mini Gallery
(Note: All images came from Images © bluebear-74 from livejournal , , and a random google search.)

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