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Welcome to Yoake no katana (Sword of Dawn)... A Takezo Kensei/Adam Monroe fanlisting

This site is dedicated to Takezo Kensei/Adam Monroe a character from NBC's Heroes. I've been a fan of NBC's Heroes since season 1, but it wasn't until season 2 when they introduce hero/villain Takezo Kensei /Adam Monroe that I wanted to make a fansite for him!

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Fanlisting online since- December 5, 2008
Fanlisting approve from since- August 30, 2012

Script used: Enthusiast
Last updated: 12th July 2013
Member count: 20
Pending members: 0
Newest members: Mario, Jassi/McBannermaker, and Jeremy

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*Still having problems with spammer joining the member's list. Need to find a script that can provide spammer joining so real fans can join only!

"So please if you want to join please put a real name (first) or nickname and real email address and if you have a website please give me a workable website link and make sure you have either a text link or one of the codes linking back to the fanlisting. Thanks so much!"

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Website Updates

September 21, 2012:
I've updated About Actor- Updated Film work and added some new pictures to David's Mini Gallery, Donated 100x35 code- One new donation, Affiates- added 3 new affiliates and LinksOut - clear out alot of dead fanlistings|links Pages.

Please check out this preview video of Season 2 of ABC's Once Upon of Time. David has more of a role in the first episode of season 2. He goes after Regina. Hotness! Once Upon A Time 2x01 "Broken" SNEAK PEEK #1
Check out David on ABC's Once Upon of Time! Season 2 premires on Sunday September 30th at 8:00PM EST. In this season we will learn what Dr. Wales's Fair Tale Character is. Who do you all think he is. Some rumors say he is Peter Pan, Jack from Jack in the Beanstalk or Price Eric from The Little Mermaid etc. I say if they give him a any character I will be happy with anything. I still love him and glad he is still on the series. (I'm also a fan of Rumple x Belle )

devaintART fan group---->

August 31, 2012:
Just wanted to say that "Yoake no katana (Sword of Dawn)... An Adam Monroe/Takezo Kensei fanlisting" has been approve by . We are listed under Character: TV section! So far no new member's. I'm still working getting everything backed up so I can make more updates. In meanwhile if you like to keep up with some current updates check out our devaintART fan group----> . That's it for now!

devaintART fan group---->

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