gina biggs

Gina is the wonderful webmistress of that contains brilliant online manga designed, drawn, and written all by her. She is a wonderful artist, and an inspiration to anyone and everyone! Gina's such a lovely and kind person ^^. Gina also has a page on deviantart where she shares extra bits and pieces that you can't find on her site =).

red string

Red String is Gina's main online manga comic that has become quite an addiction to many people (especially myself!). It can be found here; and the lovely picture you see on the site (including the codes) are from this manga. Stop by and have a look, and if you really love it, then add a link to her on your page or join this fanlisting ... you can even donate to help her out!


Name :: Gina Biggs
Alias :: Bunny, Gina-bunny, strawberrybunny
B'day :: 5 November 1979
URL ::
Email :: gina@strawberrygina.comREMOVETHIS


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