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If you like to contact me about anything regarding to My Collective please email me at:


Make sure you have this information in subject line!
1) For Links--> "LFC's Link Me?"
2) For Affiliates--> "LFC's Affiliate?"
Etc Etc Etc....................................
The reason for this is that I do sometimes get junk mail in my email account and I don't want to delete your email by accident! Thanks^.^

message board
Please people I'm begging you all to start up a topic or subject and get my message board back alive again! I've already have some topics started!

AIM: lilly peacecraft (please say who you are before you add me)
msn: nebula_senshi06@hotmail.com (please say who you are before you add me)

If you have any question feel free to email me!

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This layout shows art from the manga series LOVELESS. The image of Ritsuka was generously donated to me at the Loveless Media Livejournal. Thanks guys! Brushes by Anti-Brush...

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Layout designed by Dragyn Milgasia...
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